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Kerry Wood and the First 2018 Topps Heritage Cubs Have Arrived

Today marks the official release day of 2018 Topps Heritage, though many retail outlets have had it out for a few days. Heritage is my favorite product of the year and I'll go into more detail this weekend after my hobby cases arrive.

First, I had one package in my mailbox. Big thanks to Brian in Montana for the lot of Kerry Wood cards. He sent me 29 Woody's. His famous 20 strikeout game came during the 1998 season, which brought me back into baseball and baseball card collecting after spending a few years as a basketball fan. 

The package included the Topps 20K card, Topps gold cup, Upper Deck star rookie, and a few others that are new to my collection. 

After work I decided to stop by Target to see if Heritage had been stocked. My nearest Target is right on my drive home, less than five minutes from my house so it's a quick trip to check out the latest card offerings. Typically, the three Target's in my area are a day or two late stocking new product. To my surprise, there was a fully stocked Heritage selection.

Since I have plenty in transit, I just needed a quick fix to check these out. I've been following Twitter and the Blowout Forums living vicariously through everyone else breaking this product, so I needed in on some of the fun.

On the outside of each blaster box is a coupon for a free pack of Topps series one. I grabbed three blaster boxes and three packs of Topps.

The three packs of Topps yielded zero Cubs. Bummer. But, then my first pack of Heritage gave me a Javier Baez. My favorite player! 

All in all, I pulled 10 Cubs cards out of three blaster boxes. Included in the Cubs haul was a hot pack that featured two Kris Bryant cards, including the retail exclusive Insert.

Wednesday's Cubs count registered an additional 39 cards and this week's total is up to 1,357 Cubs cards. 

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