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One Million Cubs Project Weekly Update

Trades have begun to pick back up following Heritage-Palooza. I am still filling 2018 Topps Heritage orders on Sportlots, and eBay auctions are ending this evening. The bulk of the work is in the rear view mirror, though. Ripping, sorting, and catching up on pre orders encompassed a week and a half of work. Now, it's just filling orders as they come in.

Five Cubs packages arrived this week for a total of 571 new cards to the collection. Four of the five trades were smaller deals. The fifth made up for that as I hauled in approximately 40,000 cards (not all Cubs) from an in-person Twitter trade. Tim did include a stack of nice Cubs cards in addition to the multiple monster boxes of baseball, football, and basketball cards.

The next largest trade brought in 215 cards from Otto in Saskatchewan. I've always loved saying Saskatchewan. 

John in California sent 197 cards including a few autographs. Cool! Elvin Puello, Buck Coats, and Brendan Harris were the autos. In return I sent out a bunch of Wayne Gretzky cards and some other hockey cards.

Henry sent 50 cards including a few new ones for the collection. The 2016 Bowman Mark Zagunis purple is numbered /250. Keith Moreland 1987 Drake's is a new oddball for the collection, as is the Luis Montanez Refractor.

Finally, I purchased a couple 1980's partial Oddball team sets. This is the 1982 Red Lobster and 1983 Thorn Apple Valley. Both sets are complete minus the Ryne Sandberg rookies. 

This week was down in terms of Cubs cards acquired, but next week is shaping up to be a big week with a couple flat rate box trades in the works. 

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