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Biggest Cubs Mailday Received

The largest, by volume, mailday arrived on my doorstep Thursday. The total count is unknown at this time, but an estimate is near 4,000 New Cubs cards.

Rick in Dover, New Hampshire sent a large flat rate box filled with Cubs. There are an estimated 3,500 cards inside. In return, I'll be sending him Montreal Expos and New England Patriots cards. 

Brent in Tennessee sent a box with 309 Cubs cards. There are many Ryne Sandberg and Mark Grace cards in the count, and several new additions to my collection. I'll be sending out a box of Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds to Brent.

Another Cubs for football mailday arrived on Wednesday. Rony sent 813 Cubs cards and I'll be sending back Pittsburgh Steelers cards. 

My football inventory has been taking a hit lately, which I like. That means I'm making trades! My Steelers, Patriots, and Packers inventory is now pretty light. 

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