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2019 Topps Chicago Cubs Review

As blogged previously, my Target had 2019 Topps in stock and I picked up five blaster boxes. I may venture out to pick up a hobby box this weekend.

I’m always impressed with the cards upon release because it’s a sign of a new season. Even so, some cards I like and some I don’t. Here’s a look at my Cubs pulls from five blaster boxes. In all, 26 Cubs cards.

One card that will stand the test of time for me is the regular base card of Javier Baez. My favorite card is horizontal? Say it ain’t so! It is. This image highlights the defensive prowess of Javy. Love this card.

I’ll continue with the Javy love here as he’s featured on a League Leaders card. Baez led the National League in RBI last season with 111.

This is a pretty cool card of an embrace between Baez and Nolan Arenado with the subtitle, “Stat leaders hug it out in postseason.” Unfortunately, the postseason was just one game when the Cubs lost this one to the Rockies in the wild card game.

Another fun card featured Anthony Rizzo and Salvador Perez “crackin’ jokes.”

The lone Cubs rookie in series one is Duane Underwood. It seems like he’s been a Cubs prospect forever. Underwood was the club’s second round draft pick in 2012.

No longer a rookie is David Bote. I like this card probably because Bote only has a handful of cards to date.

I’m not a fan of most batting stance cards, but this is post-swing of Kyle Schwarber. I dig it.

I feel Topps has used this similar shot of Pedro Strop on many cards. Maybe it’s been just one, but it looks awful familiar for some reason.

Batting stance pose. Boring! It’s Kris Bryant. Let’s see some action.

Kyle Hendricks warms up. Another horizontal card I like. Maybe I’m turning a new leaf.

Maybe not. I don’t like this image of Jon Lester.

But I can get behind this horizontal shot. Isn’t Wrigley Field so beautiful. Oh how I long for a hot summer Friday afternoon with this as my background as I sip an overpriced crappy light beer. But it’s a Cubs baseball crappy beer, and I’ll love it just the same.

One Million Cubs Project Stats Thursday's (1/31/2019) Cards: 26 Thursday's (1/31/2019) Packages: 0 (Topps blaster boxes) January's Cubs Count: 9,343 Total Trades/Donations: 29 Trade States of Origin: Arkansas, California (3), Connecticut (3), Illinois (3), Massachusetts (2), New Jersey (3), New York (4), North Carolina (2), Pennsylvania (2), Tennessee, Texas (2), Wisconsin (3).

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