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Mystery Package Saturday

Vintage Saturday! A large envelope with no return address or note was delivered this weekend.

I was happy to open the envelope and find this 1969 Topps All Star Ron Santo on top.

The stack of 61 Cubs cards included a mix of early 1970’s along with some 2004 Topps. Included was a player I met recently, Joe Pepitone.

A 1969 Topps Lee Elia.

He’s better known as a Cubs manager, for when he went on the most epic postgame rants in sports in 1983. (Note: Below audio not safe for kids)

Elia has a great sense of humor and was kind enough to sign a baseball for me with a special inscription...

Floating heads! I love the 1970’s Cubs team cards with floating heads.

1971 Topps Leo Durocher. This is a new addition to my collection.

Another new card is this 1970 Topps Ken Holtzman.

One more envelope arrived and inside this PWE from Mike in Ohio was a Mark Grace oddball Starline card.

One Million Cubs Project Stats Saturday's (2/2/2019) Cards: 76 Saturday's (2/2/2019) Packages: 2 January's Cubs Count: 9,343 February's Cubs Count: 1,244 Total Trades/Donations: 33 Trade States of Origin: Arkansas, California (3), Connecticut (3), Illinois (3), Massachusetts (2), New Jersey (3), New York (5), North Carolina (2), Ohio, Pennsylvania (2), Tennessee (2), Texas (2), Wisconsin (4).

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