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Boys of Zimmer: 30th Anniversary Series

While recently blogging about a random Cubs pitcher, Pat Perry, I became immersed in articles from 1988 and 1989. This is the 30th anniversary of the 1989 Cubs "Boys of Zimmer," a team that reached the postseason after a five year hiatus. This daily series will look back at Chicago Tribune articles and columns from 30 years ago, day by day.

This page will give you access to each and every day in history following the Cubs through newspaper articles from the 1989 season. Follow the great Cubs team dubbed, "The Boys of Zimmer," from before spring training into October.

February 5, 1989 - Jerome Holtzman column on Mitch Williams

February 6, 1989 - Cubs players' hotel aliases revealed

February 7, 1989 - Vance Law out to prove All-Star season no fluke

February 8, 1989 - Cubs fire a member of their staff

February 9, 1989 - Don Zimmer was born for baseball, columnist critical of Cubs trading Rafael Palmeiro

February 10, 1989 - Provo, Utah wants to watch the Cubs on TV

February 11, 1989 - Cubs sign Curtis Wilkerson, Mitch Williams likes the "Wild Thing" moniker, and a column on Pete Mackanin

February 12, 1989 - Dallas Green still holds a grudge, and were the Cubs wanting to move Ryne Sandberg to 3rd base?

February 13, 1989 - Mitch Williams impressed by the amount of Cubs fans at a downstate Cubs Caravan

February 14, 1989 - Jerome Holtzman ranks Gabby Hartnett ahead of Ernie Banks as the all-time greatest Cubs player

February 15, 1989 - Paul Kilgus remains unsigned

February 16, 1989 - Leon Durham signs with the St. Louis Cardinals

February 17, 1989 - Rick Sutcliffe's big loss, and Ty Griffin's high school baseball jersey is retired

February 18, 1989 - A former Cubs pitching coach had been a finalist for the Cubs managerial opening in 1988

February 19, 1989 - Cubs entered 1989 with some questions, but not as many as the year prior

February 20, 1989 - Cubs general manager Jim Frey explains the 1988 Rafael Palmeiro trade

February 21, 1989 - Gary Varsho aims to have a bigger impact in '89

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