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Slabbed Mark Prior, and a Numbered Javier Baez

Since Monday brought me ten packages, I didn't expect to come home to a package in my mailbox on Tuesday, but I did. Steven in Connecticut sent 29 Cubs cards.

On top was a graded Mark Prior rookie card. It's a Beckett 8.5 of Prior's 2001 Fleer Platinum. I always enjoy receiving graded cards in trade because I don't typically seek them out as a buyer unless it's vintage.

He also sent a bunch of 2019 Topps.

Including a Kyle Schwarber silver pack refractor.

And an Anthony Rizzo silver pack refractor from 2018 Topps.

SP Legendary Cuts is such a classic set. Here's a Hack Wilson from 2006.

By the way, check out this neat picture of Hack Wilson. This was tweeted out by Baseball History Nut, who tweets a lot of vintage photos.

Did someone say vintage? Here's a 1968 Topps Joe Niekro, and I don't believe this was in my collection.

Would you look at this beauty. Javier Baez 2017 Topps Tier 1 numbered 276/340. This is nice!

One Million Cubs Project Stats Tuesday's (2/5/2019) Cards: 29 Tuesday's (2/5/2019) Packages: 1 January's Cubs Count: 9,343 February's Cubs Count: 4,530 Total Trades/Donations: 42 Trade States of Origin: Arkansas, California (3), Connecticut (4), Illinois (5), Maryland, Massachusetts (2), Minnesota, New Jersey (4), New York (5), North Carolina (2), Ohio (3), Pennsylvania (2), Tennessee (2), Texas (2), Washington, Wisconsin (4).

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