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Boys of Zimmer - 30th Anniversary Series - 2/16/1989

While recently blogging about a random Cubs pitcher, Pat Perry, I became immersed in articles from 1988 and 1989. This is the 30th anniversary of the 1989 Cubs "Boys of Zimmer," a team that reached the postseason after a five year hiatus. This daily series will look back at Chicago Tribune articles and columns from 30 years ago, day by day.

Leon Durham was a fan favorite throughout most of the 1980's with the Chicago Cubs. Durham was traded to the Cincinnati Reds in 1988 for Pat Perry, then signed with the team that drafted him in the first round in the 1976 Major League Baseball draft.

Gary Varsho made his big league debut with the Cubs in 1988, and was a part-time player for the team in 1989 and 1990.

Varsho spoke to a group of elementary school children in his native Marshfield, Wisconsin.

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