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One Thousand Cubs Cards, But They Don't Count

Twitter is my go-to social media because it fits my undiagnosed A.D.D. tendencies. Since I can remember, I've often been told I'm random because I will start talking about the 1984 Chicago Cubs when a discussion is about the best Jim Carrey movie.

If I'm sorting and come across a random 1982 Donruss card of Dave Geisel, I can post it on Twitter and it's normal.

Plus, my aunt that comments on every picture I post on Facebook has no idea what Twitter is, and I like that. But, the greatest part of Twitter is the hobby community. I've been blessed to meet so many great fellow collectors in the trading card community on Twitter over the past 15 months. I've been on Twitter since 2009 under my personal account (@beauspencer), but didn't fully invest myself into the trading community until I began the One Million Cubs Project.

Several months ago, I tweeted asking if someone could help me design a card around the One Million Cubs Project and my logo. Within minutes, Nick Vossbrink reached out to me. All I did was give him an idea of what I was looking to do, and he hit a grand slam with the design he sent back. It was perfect! Basically, all I told him was I wanted a 1989 Topps design with One Million Cubs in the team name spot at the bottom of the card. He did the rest.

I had printed off some basic business cards a couple months ago to slip into trade packages and eBay sales. I also sprinkled them throughout the Sheraton at the Cubs Convention.

The main online printing companies (Vistaprint and Custom Ink) did not offer a 2.5" x 3.5" card (standard trading card size). So, recently I reached out to a local print shop and inquired. They returned a quote in quick fashion, and one business day later 1,000 business cards had been printed.

Voila! They turned out great, though the next batch I will have to have printed two-sided with more contact info on the backside such as my email address and P.O. Box.

Speaking of P.O. Box, a plain white envelope (PWE) was inside my box this afternoon. Thanks to Aaron in Georgia who hooked me up with this 1993 Fleer Excel Travis Willis Orlando Cubs card. He reached out to me recently asking if I had it, and I do not.

Aaron added a couple other cards, too!

One Million Cubs Project Stats Tuesday's (2/19/2019) Cards: 3

Tuesday's (2/19/2019) Packages: 1

January's Cubs Count: 9,343

February's Cubs Count: 5,911

Total Trades/Donations: 53

Trade States of Origin: Arkansas California (4) Connecticut (5)

Florida (2)

Georgia Illinois (5) Indiana Maryland Massachusetts (2) Minnesota New Jersey (5) New York (5) North Carolina (2) Ohio (3) Pennsylvania (2) Tennessee (2) Texas (3) Washington (2) Wisconsin (6)

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