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Catching Up After A Weekend Sickness

What a weekend. From the high of getting another truckload of cards from Shannon in Sterling, Illinois on Saturday and a dinner of Casey’s taco pizza, I was hit with the flu by noon Sunday.

I was only able to get a couple of the dozens of monster boxes sorted, and I plan to do a video this week with a snippet of the contents.

When I returned home Saturday afternoon, I had a mailbox containing four packages. A small flat rate box included nine minor league team sets. These were purchased from eBay auctions with each set going for no more than $2. The sets include: 1994 Fleer Pro Cards Orlando Cubs, 1995 Fleer Pro Cards Orlando Cubs, 1993 Classic Best Geneva Cubs, 1989 Star Winston-Salem Spirits, 1989 Best Charleston Wheelers, 1992 Fleer Pro Cards Iowa Cubs, 1988 Eastern League All Stars (included nine Pittsfield Cubs), 1995 Multi-Ad Iowa Cubs, and 1993 Fleer Pro Cards Geneva Cubs.

Another eBay purchase goes into my Cole Roederer player collection. It’s flashy. It’s a 2018 Leaf Flash Autograph numbered 18/50.

An envelope from Chad in Milwaukee also arrived with a note.

There are a total of seven vintage Cubs cards including a 1962 Topps Cuno Barragon. Did you know Barragon hit a home run in his very first MLB at bat, and never hit another home run in the big leagues. John in Bolingbrook, Illinois sent a box of Cubs including a Corey Patterson that is new to my collection.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Saturday's (2/23/2019) Cards: 529

Saturday's (2/23/2019) Packages: 4

January's Cubs Count: 9,343

February's Cubs Count: 6,746

Total Trades/Donations: 56

Trade States of Origin: Arkansas California (4) Connecticut (5)

Florida (2)

Georgia Illinois (6) Indiana Maryland (2) Massachusetts (2) Minnesota New Jersey (5) New York (5) North Carolina (2) Ohio (4) Pennsylvania (2) Tennessee (2) Texas (3) Washington (2) Wisconsin (7)

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