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A Big Cubs Autograph Mailday

Plenty more Cubs baseball card packages have been trickling in. More than 5,000 Cubs cards have been added since the Cubs Convention, so things have picked up nicely.

The goal for 2020 still is to make some big bulk trades, and I am aiming to do just that with some big trades in the works.

Another #NAFTA package arrived from Glenn in Connecticut. It included some pretty nice Carl Edwards Jr. autographs. One numbered 45/299 from 2016 Topps Tier One.

The other is from 2016 Topps Strata. Hopes were high on Edwards in 2016, but he really struggled and was eventually shipped off to the San Diego Padres. He never lived up to the closer-in-waiting many thought he would be. Hopefully he can right the ship on the west coast with a new organization.

A nice manufactured relic from 2019 Topps of Anthony Rizzo.

Chris in New York sent a big box of Cubs cards with some unique additions. I’ve seen miscut cards from the major sets...but this is honestly the first time I’ve ever seen such a badly miscut Post card! It’s Mark Grace, and partially Ryne Sandberg.

Another oddball is from Milk Bone printed in 1993. Joe Girardi is pictured with his Bichon Frise, Nikko.

This 1987 Drake’s Big Hitters must be a box bottom, as it’s hand cut and it’s thicker stock than the regular Drake’s cards.

Not too many old stickers arrive, but a pile were included in this package. Like a 1992 Panini George Bell sticker.

A whole stack of 1983 Fleer stickers including: Keith Moreland, Larry Bowa, Dick Tidrow, Bump Wills, Leon Durham, Randy Martz, Bill Buckner, and Bill Campbell.

A package from Utah arrived courtesy @torchramrod. Some interesting items inside, such as this 2000 Just Graded 2K Hee Seop Choi black border numbered 16/50.

A ticket stub featuring Lee Smith. Very cool. It’s from Cooperstown! Smith was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2019.

At the Cubs Convention recently, Reed Johnson made a return to the fan fest. A couple times over the weekend I overheard people talking about Johnson’s 2012 Topps card featuring Johnson and a trio of seagulls at Wrigley Field.

It’s always great to add a Ty Griffin oddball.

A Corey Patterson 2005 Upper Deck Jersey relic.

These jersey relics from Upper Deck Vintage are very nice looking. Also helps that it’s a Ryne Sandberg relic.

Tom in New York sent 30 Cubs cards with some great highlights. This is my third Pat Hughes autograph from 2019 Topps Archives. Hughes is the best. Not only do I love this auto because it’s my favorite broadcaster, but it’s in the 1982 Topps design (year I was born).

My favorite player, Javier Baez, is here with a serial numbered 2018 Bowman’s Best. The purple parallel is numbered 46/250.

At quick glance, I thought this Ernie Banks card was from one of the Topps online exclusive sets. No, it’s from 2008 Topps Heritage.

My favorite card of the bunch? It feels a bit strange to say Travis Wood. But it is. This is from 2012 a Gypsy Queen. Wood became an instant fan favorite during the Cubs World Series parade and celebration where he appeared shirtless (and probably drunk) on stage.

Great stuff for this Mailday, and January is almost over. That is hard to believe! By the end of the weekend, I should be caught up on Mailday posts with the final January numbers.

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