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One Million Cubs Project Week in Review

A couple of hefty maildays pushed my averages in the One Million Cubs Project upwards. My pace is trending to have my Cubs baseball card collection exceed 534,000 by year end.

The end of last week heading into the weekend brought in an additional 2,250 cards to give me an updated count of 410,328 Cubs baseball cards.

A majority of that haul came from John in my state of Wisconsin. He's going to be a new bulk trader and takes Milwaukee Brewers and Green Bay Packers. I already have a couple Packers trading partners, but it's nice to rid my collection of Brewers cards. That's not because I dislike the's because I live in Wisconsin and every collection I acquire is overfilled with Brewers.

Generally, bulk trades do not add much in the way of Cubs cards I need, just volume. Collecting one million Cubs means that volume (even 1,200-plus Rick Reuschel cards) matters. John's box provided volume AND new Cubs. Early on this project I put out an all points bulletin on a 1991 Baseball Cards Magazine Cubs Rookie Stars card of Lance Dickson and Hector Villanueva. In two or three collections I have bought over the past few years, there has been several Baseball Card Magazines included. But, never this Dickson/Villanueva card. At some point over the past year I am pretty sure this card has been added in my collection. Sometime I will get these Cubs organized!

Always exciting to collect a new card of a fan favorite like Dexter Fowler.

I had to check the back of this card. First, the player pictured is Stan Hack. Hack played his entire career for the Cubs from 1932 to 1947. He also managed the Chicago Cubs from 1954 to 1956. The card is a 2013 Historic Autograph Company.

There were some Sports Illustrated for Kids cards in here as well, going back to 1995 with Mark Grace.

And a current player in Kris Bryant.

Another Cubs oddball, and one I had never seen before. It's from 1993 featuring Greg Maddux in a series called, "Commanders of the Hill." It was a set from Topps in collaboration with Coca-Cola.

Not a soda company...rather the Aluminum Association and Habitat for Humanity. Sammy Sosa telling everyone to recycle.

My favorite of the bunch is a no doubt new addition. Ernie Banks. Mr. Cub himself! Topps released these "story books" in 1970. There are 24 players featured and Banks is the lone Cub representative.

Paul in Aurora posted pictures of a pair of Cubs cards he had. He was willing to unload them for anything random, so some Ronald Acuna cards are on their way to Illinois. Take a look at this 2019 Bowman's Best Nico Hoerner.

Even better was this 2019 Topps Gold Label Ernie Banks numbered 36/75.

Jason in Ohio sent a package with 80 Cubs cards. It included an Anthony Rizzo Topps Archives candy topper.

Staying on the sweets, there were a couple Hostess cards. Bobby Murcer from 1979.

Manny Trillo from 1978 wearing those classic baby blues.

Trevor in Rhode Island sent a box with more than 250 Cubs cards. A new Derrek Lee card was added. It's a 2006 Bazooka. It's such a clean design, and I love the color (or lack thereof).

The 1955 Bowman design seems to be one of the most "love it or hate it" baseball card sets. I'm on team love it. The classic console TV border. In 2004, Bowman Heritage brought the design back. It had a color and a parallel black and white version. Here's what they look like with former Cubs prospect Matt Creighton.

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